Drainage, Flooding & Mudslide

Drainage is one of the most important elements in controlling the Foundation and Structure behavior and integrity. Positive drainage at your home or business site is a must to insure against differential settlement and deformation of the walls and floors. Our engineers have extensive training and years of field experience, our inspection will provide not only an expert opinion, but also the right remedy to fix the problem. The provided solutions will safeguard your property against flooding, foundation & structural movements and protect your home in the event of natural disasters similar to El-Nino.

California Engineering, as a service to the community, provides FREE telephone and e-mail ADVICE to the home owner in the Greater Bay Area . CEICO will answer all your questions and suggest ways on how to get prepared and ready for catastrophic mud-slides, ground movement and flooding.


Our Services Cover:

  • Immediate dispatch to Site for investigation
  • Immediate remedies are offered to stop slide, erosion, ground movement and settlement
  • Immediate drainage rerouting
  • Immediate assistance with City & County , Buildings and Public Works
  • Immediate assistance with insurance companies for claims
  • Design and installation for French drains and sump pumps
  • Optimization of drainage at site and water channeling of down spouts
  • Design retaining structures for mud-slide
  • Soil stabilization utilizing various techniques i.e. ground anchors, soil nailing, tiebacks, grout injection etc.
  • FREE ADVICE in the Greater Bay Area, please do not hesitate to call or email our engineers.  [email protected]

For appointment 7 days a week, 24 hours a day :
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mailto: [email protected]