Foundation Inspection

Foundation Inspection Bay Area CA

We specialize in foundation inspection and investigate the structural performance of slab foundation, footings foundation and piers foundation.

The aging foundations  necessitate a careful and detailed examination of the actual behavior. Fragile foundation with aging concrete mix compromise the integrity of the structure, of a single dwelling, apartment building and commercial facility.

Careful Foundation Inspection in Bay Area CA is performed by our engineers with over 20 years of practical experience and solid background education from University of Illinois and UC Berkeley. Our Engineers are State Licensed in Civil/Structural Engineering, Geotechnical/Foundation Engineering and Mechanical engineering. The solution provided is for safe foundation structural behavior against earthquakes forces and peace of mind in our earthquake environment.

Differential floor elevation or differential settlement is measured by our portable laser beam to access the leveling of the floors if within tolerances. Here are few notes about overall differential tolerances and localized differential for the floors:

Overall Differential – When evaluating the elevation difference across an entire residence, a house is considered to be relatively level with floor elevation differences up to about 1½ inches. If the house varies by 1½ to 2½ inches, the house is considered to be moderately out-of-level, and if there is more than 2½ inches of elevation difference, then the house is considered to be severely out-of-level. Please note that the term “severe” is meant to indicate that evidence of elevation difference is readily apparent to most of the homeowners, and does not necessarily indicate any structural danger exists.

Localized Differential – While a house may be only an inch out of level, if that inch occurs across the a small area (e.g. bathroom), the elevation differential may cause distress and be readily apparent. Therefore, localized tolerances have also been developed. The most common localized elevation tolerance permits a slope ratio of up to 1:240 (1 inch in 20 feet). Anything over that ratio is considered out-of-level. However, we have found that most people cannot discern slopes until a gradient of approximately 1 percent has been reached. Therefore, a second tolerance of 1:120 (1 inch in 10 feet) has been chosen as the boundary between moderate and severe localized slopes. Again, this tolerance is based upon homeowner perceptions of slope (a cosmetic issue), and does not necessarily reflect the structural condition of the house

Drainage plays a primary role in foundation behavior, we look very closely at the topography around the property and insure that drainage does not need mitigation like the installation of a French Drain.

We provide an engineering cost estimate in case drainage needs mitigation, while we do not perform construction work, but we perform the French Drain design drawing and supervise the installation.

All Reports are stamped with a professional engineering seal of our licensed civil, structural, geotechnical or mechanical engineer in the State of California.  All reports are delivered within 24 hours from inspection through e-mail PDF copy, hard copy by mail and on a CD and electronic web link to pictures.

The cost for the engineering inspection varies between $475 and $775 depending on the scope of the needed  inspection, investigation, engineering estimate, verbal or written reporting, square feet  total built area, and distance from Berkeley.

Every single aspect of the foundation behavior will be looked at and we are proud of the results we have achieved through the years  and the reputation we have attained.

Cal Engineering Foundation Inspections Bay Area CA are provide quality engineering inspection services at a reasonable cost with Guaranteed Satisfaction or money back policy.
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