For Emergencies and Other Inquiries:

Including: ground movement, mud-slides, erosion, earthquake distress, ground caving, foundation, gas line rupture, home damage, building settlements, flood, construction accidents, on-site insurance claim assistance, structural collapse of all kinds.

Also for: urgent help in situations involving civil, structural, geotechnical/soil engineering problems and solutions  to safeguard life, health, property and public welfare

We specialize in Special Engineering  Home Inspection Serving Banks, Finance Companies, Home Residencial / Commercial Buyers & Sellers and Condominium Conversion Certification


Please call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:

Telephone: (510) 524-1494    Cellular: (510) 282-5510 / 717-1417
Electronic mail & URL:
Information: [email protected] 
Customer Support: [email protected]

Make sure your property is safe, call for an engineering inspection!