Other Services

Cal Engineering, Mechanical Engineering department, provides Title 24 Energy Compliance Reports.  We perform detailed calculations for energy saving and efficiency in relation to residential and commercial constructions.  Our computerized Title 24 calculations are in conformance with the California Energy Efficiency Standards.  
Design focused on energy performance directly translates into efficient heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting  for new constructions or additions to existing  homes, income properties and business offices.  The total savings on the P.G. & E. utility bill is substantial.Our fee for the Title 24 Report depends on the size of the dwelling or building, room addition or new development and ranges between $100 and $600. The turn around time is four  working days.

Please call us at (510)524-1494, Cellular (510)282-5510 / 717-1417 or email us at: [email protected] for additional information.