Liquefaction & Landslide

Liquefaction and Landslide

Liquefaction is mostly associated with earthquake occurrences and mostly in sandy soil. The most adequate foundation is the reinforced concrete cast in place friction piers to hard / very dense soil strata. Slab and footings foundations do not provide enough resistance and structural failure occur. Geotechnical investigation as described in previous sections is essential to foundation design for resistance and stability against liquefaction.

Landslide mostly occur in environment of excessive soil saturation during heavy rainy seasons. The overloading of soil downslope  induces shear forces of sliding. Soil and slope stability are essential parts of our analysis to provide a foundation design that can resist the forces of oversaturation and soil sliding. Proper drainage is of a prime importance that we provide for stability of the foundations and structures we design.

Alan Kropp & Associates have developed the following Landslide Map for the Berkeley hills

berkeley_hills_slide_map_thumbnail[1].jpg (22951 bytes)

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