Earthquake Engineering Design

Earthquake Engineering Design

We will design a program that is technically adequate and financially affordable to protect your property against the probable risk of earthquake occurrences and forces.

Our homes and other real properties have to be adequately retrofitted and braced to withstand the probable seismic shocks. Our State Licensed Civil/Structural and Geotechnical Engineers have Graduate University Degrees in the field of Earthquake Engineering and extensive training and years of field experience in Earthquake-Country.

Based on current technology, and U.S. Geological Survey compiled data, it is reasonable to assume that every structure will be subjected to at least once to moderate to severe earthquake . We, in the San Francisco Bay Area, are located on or near active faults.

Our Services Cover

  • Site Inspection for structure, drainage, ground movement and foundation adequacy
  • Recommendation for improvement including earthquake retrofitting if needed
  • Design of the structural strengthening program
  • Construction supervision and/or construction of the retrofitting design